As the FAST HEROES it is our mission to educate the world about the symptoms and effects of Brain Attacks (strokes).

Did you know 

  1. that every 30 minutes a stroke patient WHO COULD HAVE BEEN SAVED, dies or is permanently disabled, because they were treated in the WRONG HOSPITAL.
  2. that most stroke patients do not receive treatment because they ARRIVE AT THE HOSPITAL TOO LATE.
  3. the average age of stroke patients are around 70 YEARS OF AGE? These are not just patients, they are the grandparents / aunt / uncles that are supposed to have a posistive infliuence on our children‘s lives. We are not just fighting stroke, we are fighting for more time between our kids and their Grandheroes. 

A STROKE is typically caused by a blood clot blocking an artery that supplies the brain of oxygen and nutrients. As soon as this happens the area of the brain served by this artery starts dying. This progressive cell death is what causes the symptoms you may see, for example: 

  • sudden drooping on one side of the FACE, or 
  • sudden weakness in one ARM and/or 
  • sudden difficulty with SPEECH

When this happens , the most important thing to do is to STAY CALM AND ACT FAST BY DIALING 112. The ambulance services will take the suspected stroke patient to a hospital that can remove the clot and open up the artery where applicable thereby limiting further damage to the brain. The faster this is done the higher the likelyhood of full recovery. 

Just like we will never consider taking a mom that is about to deliver a baby to an eye hospital, we should only take suspected stroke patients to hospitals that are „Stroke Ready“. 

Not all hospitals are organised and equipped to deal with stroke patients. It is not feasible to expect the general population to know which hospitals are “Stroke Ready“ so for this reason the best thing to do is to call 112.  Emergency Medical Services are trained to know where to take suspected stroke patients. 

As the FAST HEROES it is our mission to educate the world about the symptoms of stroke and that they can save a life by calling 112 instead of seeking help elsewhere. 

We believe that everyone, young and old, should know who the evil Clot is, why he is so dangerous, and how to best fight him. The website has been designed to educate and entertain while teaching families what the symptoms of stroke by linking them to the EU Emergency number 112 and how to act if they ever come across them.

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