School registration terms and conditions

The FAST Heroes 112 campaign is intended for the education of the general population on the signs and symptoms of Stroke and what to do when Stroke strikes. It is important to emphasize that the FAST Heroes 112 campaign does not constitute an inducement to recommend, prescribe, purchase, supply, sell or administer any specific medicinal products or devices.

This campaign was developed by the Department of Education and Social Policy of the University of Macedonia and has been made possible by the support from the Angels Initiative. The Angels Initiative is a non-promotional Healthcare improvement project aimed at improving stroke care across the world. This is achieved by helping set up new Stroke Ready Hospitals and improving the quality of care in existing Stroke hospitals. The eventual goal is that all stroke patients have access to the same level of care irrespective of where they are in the world. The Angels Initiative is an initiative by Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH and is endorsed by the World Stroke Organisation (WSO), The European Stroke Organisation (ESO) and has as partners supporting the initiative the Stroke Alliance For Europe (SAFE) and Medtronic. For more information visit the website at 

I understand that the FAST Heroes implementation kit including all print material may under certain circumstances be provided free of charge to the school and to the participating children, the costs of which may be covered by donations from 3rd parties to the FAST Heroes campaign. 

Families of the children that participate through the school will be encouraged to register on the fastheroes website ( so that they accept the terms and conditions and so that they can also participate in the learning process. The FAST Heroes campaign adheres to European GDPR data Security and Privacy regulations. As a result, only if the families register on the website and opt in to allow us to contact them in future will the FAST Heroes campaign stay in contact with these families after the completion of the program. 

I understand that no action or omission by the FAST Heroes Ambassadors or any other third party used within the program will create any liability towards Department of Education and Social Policy, University of Macedonia, towards Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH or any of the other organisations involved in the campaign. I understand that if my school desires to implement the campaign or any other platform, it happens at the school’s own risk and without liability to the University of Macedonia nor its directors, employees, partners, agents, suppliers, or affiliates.

I hereby warrant that I have full right and authority to enter into this agreement.